Veggies are not so bad…I think.

Hello everyone!

So this is my first post about my quest for the healthiest diet! I was first inspired by my Babushka (I am not referring to a scarf) who passed away and she was an extremely healthy woman. So what happened? Well she had a heart condition and never went to doctors- also, even though I thought she ate fairly well, she did not have the best diet or way of life to keep her from the progression of her heart disease. So I am determined now to not go against my genes, but instead embrace them and try to find the healthiest diet. First, I will try to find a general one that all humans should follow- then I will find one that will be the best for me.

With this idea in mind, I just started this week with the first diet- vegetarian! People always tell me about all of the horrible hormones that they pump into meat- and since I am looking for the healthiest and NOT the diet to lose most weight, this seems to be a good idea. Another reason why  picked this diet is because it is a light diet, it does not take out everything at once. I figure as I go more into these diets they probably will restrain me from eating a lot of things I am used to eating. So how did I hear about the healthiest diet being vegetarian? Well, I was semi inspired by my boyfriend’s sister’s fiance who is a vegetarian, extremely fit and looks 28 though he is a bit older than that.

Now, I know that eating is just a part of it, but this is part of my plan:

The Plan:

First step: figuring out what to eat. For the meantime, I will work out thirty minutes every day.

Second step: find the right workout for my body.

Third step: go to the doctor and monitor my success or loss.

Hopefully, with this plan I will be able to find out the healthiest diet for my body! Now that I have explained “The Plan,” you can enjoy the pics I added of one of my dinners I made as a vegetarian:

My veggie dinner


3 responses

  1. Hi Ana
    Jordana is a vegetarian and Micah’s fiancee, Katie, is also, so I am learning how to cook vegetarian! I have a great roasted vegi lasagna recipe if you want it!
    Good luck!

    • Hey Cousin Suzzanne!
      I would love that! BTW I heard Jordana got married- props to her! Give her all my love :). Now back to my veggie diet, we will see I might like this diet best because at least I can drink wine with it- it’s not as limiting as I thought it was.
      thanks for the gl!

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