I am on the search for the healthiest diet for human beings and then a specific diet for myself. I am asking everyone for advice and diets- from doctors to my best friends. I hope to find the one that works for me :).


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  1. I don’t know but I think the horrible truth about a successful diet is that you eat less. Whatever you want, but less. Like calorie counting. Sigh. For it to be completely successful, It means that you have to change your eating habits, permanently. Or you can just do what every one else does and that’s, diet when you gain weight then go back to the normal. It’s a nightmare. By the way, I like Atkins 🙂

    • haha thats ok, to each his own is what I say. I used to think it was all about portion size, but even with monitoring portion size a lot of what one can eat is not necessarily good for them and I learned a lot on this journey about what is good for you. I had no idea some food could make your blood acidic and that most non organic foods have a lot of deadly chemicals sprayed on them. However, i keep learning and if one day they say the Atkins diet is the best way to eat and there is a lot of scientific research to back it up then I will do it. However, I digress, I am hoping to live for a long time so these diets are more of testing out how I am going to eat for life to be at my healthiest 🙂

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