I need more DIETS!

Hey everyone! So as you know, I am going off suggestions here and I need more diets! Please leave me a list and for your pleasure I have added pics and recipe of how I made the bbq tofu, crunchy, onion salad tacos 🙂

So first you add in a sauce pan organic olive oil, tofu, onions and sesame seed whole wheat crackers. Then you add organic bbq sauce and some salad and viola! You have a tasty organic dinner 🙂

Me-cooking before we go work out 🙂

Jonathan, my BF

If my BF loves them this much that he will let me take a pic and post it, then they have to be good.


Why I am NOT all about losing WEIGHT

Normally, individuals (especially in the US) are concerned about losing weight and think that a diet means exactly that. Here is the definition of diet:

“food and drink considered in terms of its qualities, composition, and its effects on health: Milk is a wholesome article of diet.” (courtesy of dictionary.com)
I am not looking for diets like the “Atkins diet” which only helps you lose weight and but is extremely unhealthy:
“Dr. Atkins claims that the eating of foods high in carbohydrates causes the secretion of increased levels of insulin in the blood. The increased levels of insulin cause any excess food intake to be turned into body fat, in the form of triglycerides. Thus, if lower amounts of carbohydrates are consumed, the body naturally produces less insulin and looks to other sources for fuel, namely FAT! For this reason, the Atkins diet restricts processed and refined carbohydrates and limits intake to 15-60 grams per day, encouraging protein and fat consumption.”
Even livestrong.com suggests people “stay away from the atkins diet” :

“The Atkins diet has received much criticism since it was first published in the 1970s. Frederick J. Stare, PhD, the chair of Harvard’s nutrition department in the 1970s, declared Atkins a dangerous diet because of its high content of saturated fats. The diet was also condemned as everything from “a bad idea” to “a serious threat” by everybody from a U.S. Surgeon General to the president of the American College of Nutrition.”

This is not the only diet that helps you lose weight, the idea of having a diet to lose weight is so common that on goolge those two words have gotten 2.0 million hits! WOW- and only in the US. It is so interesting that people are more into losing weight than they are into health.

So why do I pick on the Atkins diet? Well, I was the same as everyone else and went on it and viola I lost weight- with consequences. I felt horrible each time on the diet and when I was done all the weight would miraculously come back!

On the Atkins diet after two weeks:

So yes, I know how it is to feel skinny- it’s not how you feel inside (because I felt horrible inside not being able to eat all the fruits and veggies our bodies need) but I felt pretty because of the way I looked. After learning that weight can grow back and that I have a lot of health risks that deal with high cholesterol and heart disease- I know those diets for my body when I was younger were probably the worst things for my body. That is why I am not looking to get skinny but I am looking to get healthy. I figure when I eat healthy and work out regularly and live healthy I will be at the weight I am meant to be at. That is my goal 🙂

Veggies are not so bad…I think.

Hello everyone!

So this is my first post about my quest for the healthiest diet! I was first inspired by my Babushka (I am not referring to a scarf) who passed away and she was an extremely healthy woman. So what happened? Well she had a heart condition and never went to doctors- also, even though I thought she ate fairly well, she did not have the best diet or way of life to keep her from the progression of her heart disease. So I am determined now to not go against my genes, but instead embrace them and try to find the healthiest diet. First, I will try to find a general one that all humans should follow- then I will find one that will be the best for me.

With this idea in mind, I just started this week with the first diet- vegetarian! People always tell me about all of the horrible hormones that they pump into meat- and since I am looking for the healthiest and NOT the diet to lose most weight, this seems to be a good idea. Another reason why  picked this diet is because it is a light diet, it does not take out everything at once. I figure as I go more into these diets they probably will restrain me from eating a lot of things I am used to eating. So how did I hear about the healthiest diet being vegetarian? Well, I was semi inspired by my boyfriend’s sister’s fiance who is a vegetarian, extremely fit and looks 28 though he is a bit older than that.

Now, I know that eating is just a part of it, but this is part of my plan:

The Plan:

First step: figuring out what to eat. For the meantime, I will work out thirty minutes every day.

Second step: find the right workout for my body.

Third step: go to the doctor and monitor my success or loss.

Hopefully, with this plan I will be able to find out the healthiest diet for my body! Now that I have explained “The Plan,” you can enjoy the pics I added of one of my dinners I made as a vegetarian:

My veggie dinner