The END of the Veggie Diet!

So I learned that the veggie diet was not the healthiest because I could still eat sugar and starch- which as I started looking into was not that healthy. Also, my mother reminded me of this, our diets depend on portion size- so what is the right size? How much of what should I eat? This next week I am going to explore an “anti cancer diet.” A friend of mine, Hilary, suggested that I do gluten free and vegetarian diet so I found an anti cancer diet that incorporates those modifications. Now, believe it or not there are many anti cancer diets, however, I am going to follow the one that Dr. David Servan-Schreiber describes. According to Dr.David Servan-Schreiber we all have cancer cells that are dormant and the way we eat and live is a huge part of cancer prevention ( I have cancer in my family, so this looks like it might be the healthiest diet for me. (The specific diet I am following is found here–introducing-healthy-new-way-life.html.)

I also will try another anti cancer diet after this one and I will see which one I like best. Also I will ask my doctors to see which one will benefit me the most, since the specific cancer I have to look out for is stomach cancer.
So here is to my next diet! Since it is my off day, I am going to Long Beach to visit my friends Joel and Kelsey with my boyfriend and… a chicken pot pie! I am so excited!
The reason I decided to have off days, or one meal to splurdge is because I dont think having one “bad” thing every once in a while will effect your way of life or decrease the chance of living. Therefore, I can “live a little” when I am in between diets and when I find my “final diet for life” I will have a meal I pick each week to splurge on :).