I know I know… I said a video would be coming

                                                              Vegan crepes w/ chia seeds 🙂

Hello All!

I know I have not written for a while but I have been pretty busy with my new organic, vegan, non-processed food diet. I also know that many of the people I see day to day must be extremely confused when I sneak in a bagel or have sushi for lunch. Here is why I allow myself to cheat a little:

1. I believe in enjoying life. I am slowly growing to love the new ways to make food, however, since I am allowed in my diet to have 20% be made of animal products, I can splurge here or there.

2. I am on this diet for health reasons only, it is not to get skinnier or for political reasons (though both are a plus since it’s nice to not support the killing of animals and I lost 6 pounds since I started 🙂 )

Those two reasons are why you might be confused when I don’t throw a fuss when we go out because I calculate it into my diet by not having any animal products at home and if I go out with some friends it is easier to go along with it. I would probably eat healthier if my friends and everyone ate the same diet, however, that is not realistic and since it wont effect my health that much, it seems logical to splurge a little.

Now, I know you are probably wondering, “OK, she keeps on talking about this amazing diet, but why did she pick it?” Well, very soon I will upload the video of alllllll of the scientific reasons organic, non processed vegan is the way to go if you want to live a healthy, long life. However, for your entertainment, I will be uploading lots of new recipes for now 🙂 Thank you all for the support and understanding,


I need more DIETS!

Hey everyone! So as you know, I am going off suggestions here and I need more diets! Please leave me a list and for your pleasure I have added pics and recipe of how I made the bbq tofu, crunchy, onion salad tacos 🙂

So first you add in a sauce pan organic olive oil, tofu, onions and sesame seed whole wheat crackers. Then you add organic bbq sauce and some salad and viola! You have a tasty organic dinner 🙂

Me-cooking before we go work out 🙂

Jonathan, my BF

If my BF loves them this much that he will let me take a pic and post it, then they have to be good.

The END of the Veggie Diet!

So I learned that the veggie diet was not the healthiest because I could still eat sugar and starch- which as I started looking into was not that healthy. Also, my mother reminded me of this, our diets depend on portion size- so what is the right size? How much of what should I eat? This next week I am going to explore an “anti cancer diet.” A friend of mine, Hilary, suggested that I do gluten free and vegetarian diet so I found an anti cancer diet that incorporates those modifications. Now, believe it or not there are many anti cancer diets, however, I am going to follow the one that Dr. David Servan-Schreiber describes. According to Dr.David Servan-Schreiber we all have cancer cells that are dormant and the way we eat and live is a huge part of cancer prevention (http://www.anticancerbook.com/story.html). I have cancer in my family, so this looks like it might be the healthiest diet for me. (The specific diet I am following is found here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-1025497/The-anti-cancer-diet–introducing-healthy-new-way-life.html.)

I also will try another anti cancer diet after this one and I will see which one I like best. Also I will ask my doctors to see which one will benefit me the most, since the specific cancer I have to look out for is stomach cancer.
So here is to my next diet! Since it is my off day, I am going to Long Beach to visit my friends Joel and Kelsey with my boyfriend and… a chicken pot pie! I am so excited!
The reason I decided to have off days, or one meal to splurdge is because I dont think having one “bad” thing every once in a while will effect your way of life or decrease the chance of living. Therefore, I can “live a little” when I am in between diets and when I find my “final diet for life” I will have a meal I pick each week to splurge on :).