Just because I go vegan, doesn’t mean YOU have to

organic polenta with basil, red sauce, spinach and zucchini

Dear Friends, Family and Colleagues,

Yes, Jon and I decided to go organic vegan now and it was all due to a very convincing lunch we had with someone who has researched what the healthiest diet is for 15 years. If more scientific evidence comes up though, our diets will change. This is strictly a for-health diet and vegan seems the best way to go (though I looooove cheese).

However, people seem a little bummed and I want you all to know to not be! I am not going to force my diet on you, it’s a challenge I have to face first and then of course I challenge anyone to do these diets, but I will never tell you about it unless you ask. Also many places out there do have vegan meals- so dont worry! If not, I will eat before we go out and I can still at least have a drink! So when you think you will not be able to go to lunchins with me or dinner or out for drinks (wine 😉 ), do not be stressed I am sure we can figure something out (like organic coffee seems to be many places 🙂 ). Thank you all of your support and videos of what changed my mind will come soon!




The END of the Veggie Diet!

So I learned that the veggie diet was not the healthiest because I could still eat sugar and starch- which as I started looking into was not that healthy. Also, my mother reminded me of this, our diets depend on portion size- so what is the right size? How much of what should I eat? This next week I am going to explore an “anti cancer diet.” A friend of mine, Hilary, suggested that I do gluten free and vegetarian diet so I found an anti cancer diet that incorporates those modifications. Now, believe it or not there are many anti cancer diets, however, I am going to follow the one that Dr. David Servan-Schreiber describes. According to Dr.David Servan-Schreiber we all have cancer cells that are dormant and the way we eat and live is a huge part of cancer prevention (http://www.anticancerbook.com/story.html). I have cancer in my family, so this looks like it might be the healthiest diet for me. (The specific diet I am following is found here http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/you/article-1025497/The-anti-cancer-diet–introducing-healthy-new-way-life.html.)

I also will try another anti cancer diet after this one and I will see which one I like best. Also I will ask my doctors to see which one will benefit me the most, since the specific cancer I have to look out for is stomach cancer.
So here is to my next diet! Since it is my off day, I am going to Long Beach to visit my friends Joel and Kelsey with my boyfriend and… a chicken pot pie! I am so excited!
The reason I decided to have off days, or one meal to splurdge is because I dont think having one “bad” thing every once in a while will effect your way of life or decrease the chance of living. Therefore, I can “live a little” when I am in between diets and when I find my “final diet for life” I will have a meal I pick each week to splurge on :).